What is the philosophy of ONE IN THE UNIVERSE (OIU)?

Ans: The philosophy of One In The Universe is that, every person should be healed, meaning every person living in a home should be healed, every person not living in a home should also be healed, healed how? Healed by what you wear!

How does the Healing Design on OIU Products work for me?

Ans: OIU products are containers of energy, the Healing Designs on OIU Products work in such a way, that whoever uses the OIU Products, they feel PEACE POWER and PROTECTION. 

What is the Scientific Principle used in these designs?

Ans: Our Products are based on the scientific principle ‘Resonance’. The Healing designs in the fabric have a particular vibration, a particular energy. When you wear it, your body’s energy, and the fabrics energy, start interacting with each other and at some point, they find a balance and harmony between both of them and they start aligning to each other, as a single frequency or as a single energy. This ultimately leads the user to experience Peace, Power and Protection.

Why do some OIU Product have a minimum quantity as a set of three(3), why not just one?

Ans: A set of three Kaftans, three Shirts, three Bedsheets, is a Cosmic equation. It is a cosmic formula, like an energy circuit. Three designs work as a team, addressing and healing particular aspects of an individual's aura. A set of three is a Trinity, for healing your Body, Mind and Spirit. One is incomplete without the other.

What is the ideal way or frequency to wear OIU Products?

Ans: There is no ideal way of using a OIU product, as soon as you buy OIU Product you can start using it. The more you use OIU Product the better it is for you, the product has to work on you with your energy, it has to sync with your energy. The more frequently you use the Product the more it helps to sync with your energy.

How to maintain OIU Products?

Ans: Please handle the OIU Product with Love, they are made of healing you. In addition to this the wash care instructions are provided with every OIU product description.

What is an Action shirt? 

Ans: There are two types of action, first one is mindless action and next one is inspired action. When people do mindless action the act of the action doesn’t sustain. When you do an action that comes out of inspiration, it has a beauty in its execution, in its result also. So, Action shirts what they do is they inspire you to take action. That means the geometry, that frequency, that’s imbibed in that shirt creates that, what you call that ‘push’, it pushes that energy field within you mostly the basic chakra and the solar plexus chakra and gives you that boost that suddenly makes you feel like, let me write this blog post, or let me compose this tune or let me do this painting, or let me go and apply for this job or let me go and meet that person.

Basically, the action shirt scans your aura then plugs in the gaps and pushes you energetically to take an inspired action coming from the depths of your own intuition which you have suppressed.

Why do OIU have unstitched Kaftan's fabric? Why not readymade?

Ans: The most precious gift you are born with is your Creativity. Women are innately creative beings. And we love to nurture every natural gift that you are born with. So, we have Do It Yourself! (DIY) Kaftan's fabric which you can stitch in any way you are comfortable with and experiment your creativity.

Can we use lining with the Kaftans Fabric?

Ans: Yes, you can. The healing energies will still work for you!

Can you provide customised OIU Healing products?

Ans: Yes we can, please contact us on feedback@oneintheuniverse.in or click on the link to fill our customer enquiry form- Click Here. We will contact you.

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